Friday, November 27, 2009

Flexy dough recipe (flexible dough)

Flexy dough recipe

1/4 cup Arabian or saaf glue
2 tablespoon ICI glue
starch powder add little at a time, till it forms a soft dough.
Do not put excess powder.

Mix powder in glue gradually, knead into a dough,
leave it for 2-3 hours before using.

Tips. Use a little cream to smooth the dough.
Oil colors can be used to make colored dough.
For opaque affect add white color (poster or oil)

For ceramic look mix equal quantity of ICI and
saaf glue with starch powder. Add white poster
or oil color.


  1. can u please elaborate a little the recipe?can u please mention the exact amount of the ingredients?

  2. is this dough flexible?what is saaf glue and ici glue?

  3. arabian glue ki jaga hum koe or glue dal saktay ha

  4. can you pls tell where can i get arabian glue from (karachi or dubai)??

  5. arabic glue ka substitute kya hai?
    m ur rangoonwala hall's student 2008 year